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Fast-paced action to soft drama scenes, from surrealism to science fiction, Mark has experience in capturing the cinematic feel of a production, be it low-fi music promos to fully funded feature films. Mark is best-known for his work on the multi-award winning feature films ‘Armageddon Gospels’ and ‘There’s No Such Thing as Zombies’. His work has earned him a Best Cinematography nomination on both the critically acclaimed and multi-award winning music promo ‘Judge Me’ and the experimental short film ‘Intruder’.


Mark’s recent work includes the feature films ‘Lightships’ by multi-award winning director John Harrigan, which is based on the occult book 'Remembrance' by Maryann Rada, and ‘Election Night’, a horror-thriller written by Neil Monaghan. Not to mention numerous short-form projects, promos and short films such as ‘Judgement Call’, an action short film set in the Dredd universe, written and directed by acclaimed Hollywood stunt coordinator Peter Pedrero.

While studying engineering at university in the late ‘90s, Mark became involved with UCL Film Society (former pres. Christopher Nolan), which led to a lifelong passion in film-making. After university he attended Met Film School, Ealing Studios for its one-year practical film-making course. While there, he was in part taught by Paul Wheeler BSC who introduced him to working within professional camera departments and by the end of 2006, was working fully professionally in camera/lighting.


As of today, despite overcoming a lengthy battle with bowel disease, Mark is honoured to be a member of BAFTA Crew (2018-2020) and an elected member of the BECTU camera branch committee.

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