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Mark is a delight and a pleasure to work with on set. With a strong work ethic, unwavering technical ability and a true creative eye Mark is an invaluable member to any film set. Professional, personable and with an encyclopaedia of knowledge and sensitivity to his craft, Mark is what the future of British film-making is all about, and is a true rarity in this industry.


A natural-born cinematographer, his instinctive eye for his art shows in the beautiful results of his work. At all times he is dedicated and a joy to be around, no-matter the circumstances he will always get the shot and it will always look fantastic; Mark is the type of cinematographer that you can 100% place your faith in.


I would highly recommend Mark to all Directors from all walks of life, particularly female directors as evidenced by his work with the Women’s Equality Party and his selection for BAFTA Crew 2018; he brings both quality work and a respect for equal opportunities.


In no short terms, Mark is the best Cinematographer I have had the fortune to work with and I have no doubt that he will go on to achieve great feats of film-making throughout his career. I look forward to working with him again.

Alex Thorne (Director/Writer)


I was lucky enough to have Mark as my DOP for my short film. From beginning to end Mark provided invaluable advice and technical skill. A beautiful short film was the result, which ended up reaching the Cannes Film Festival, something I would never have imagined was possible. I’ve yet to see a better-shot short film and I dearly look forward to the day we can work together again.

Rupert Booth (Producer/Writer/Actor)

Protoverse Series

Mark is simply one of the very best and most professional DOPs I have worked with, which I have done as both Director and Actor. He wastes no time whatsoever on set and is very good at interpreting what the director wants and how to achieve it, even on a minimal budget and with limited resources. With actors he very much works with them to the best advantage of both performer and shot.


He also has a comprehensive knowledge of kit and electrics and is therefore a very useful problem solver on set. Aside from this, he manages also to keep smiling. Very highly recommended.


His ownership and worship of the bones of Shergar is, admittedly, a cause for concern.

Jane Dodd (Producer/Director/Actress)

Going to Seed

Mark Caldwell has a rare talent for scenic beauty, creating the most amazing shots from even ordinary locations. He is a true collaborator and incredibly easy to work with. He makes it possible for a director to achieve their vision. Every director should have a Mark Caldwell.

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Mark is an incredible cinematographer with a great depth of knowledge. He’s a filmmaker with true passion for the art form.

Anyone lucky enough to work with Mark will quickly learn that’s he’s a generous collaborator. Supportive and precise in how he aids you to translate your screenplay into moving images that have power and beauty.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark.

Various Campaign Videos

We've worked with the Mark on numerous projects. He is great to work with and consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to deliver amazing content. 

David Mansell (Producer/Director/Writer)

I love working with Mark. He's immensely creative, practical and reliable. You don't get any flannel or nonsense with him. You ask him a question and you get a straight answer. And it's so nice to work with someone whose first response to an idea isn't 'it can't be done'. Mark always listens, and thinks, and tries to work out a way of achieving what you want ... even when the budget may not be as accommodating as you need.


He works really bloody hard, and always delivers. I am constantly surprised by little touches that he adds to shots – the nuance and the sparkle – that elevates his work above that of his peers.


But what's most helpful for me, is that he understands story – and he works with you to try to tell your story visually. He's been an absolute pleasure to work with on several projects – both on a professional and a personal level.

​I’ve worked with Mark Caldwell on two occasions: on the shooting of a promotional video for The Adventures of Pinocchio where I played The Fox and on a music video for a track, Hit or Miss, lifted from my forthcoming album. Mark was both the Director of Photography and Colourist for my video and I must say I don’t think I have ever worked with someone as patient, hard-working, visionary and creative as Mark. We worked for two days non-stop in different locations and with a fairly large cast and Mark managed to do justice to the track by delivering a vision that combined both a wistful and a carefree feeling, a true challenge to achieve on film. I would love to work with Mark again and I would recommend him to any artists working in the theatre and music industries.

Michael Haberfelner (Producer)

There's No Such Thing as Zombies & Espresso To Die For

Mark Caldwell's chilled attitude paired with his absolute professionalism make him a joy to work with, and his vast knowledge of film history on the side doesn't only make one confident that his horizon is broader than just the shoot at hand, it also makes for good conversations during breaks.

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