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2018 Swindon Independent Film Festival - Winner

2018 Brighton Rocks - Winner

2018 Unrestricted View Film Festival

2017 AM Egypt Film Festival

2016 Nightpiece International Film Festival

2016 Bram Stoker International Film Festival

2016 Unrestricted View Film Festival - Winner

2016 Nightpiece Medway Visions Film Festival

2016 Camelot Films International Film Festival

2016 HellaCon Short Film Festival

2016 Post Mortem Horror & Bizarre Film Festival

2015 Festival De Cannes


Mark Caldwell is a highly experienced London-based cinematographer with nearly two decades’ experience of working in films, music videos, commercials and corporate videos. He started out in the mid ‘90s with theatrical lighting, steadily progressing to film lighting in the late ‘90s with the UCL Film Society (Christopher Nolan). While continuing to work as a camera and lighting technician, he studied and qualified in computer science and engineering before moving on to the Metropolitan Film School, Ealing Studios, to advance his knowledge in film-making.

In 2006, after being taught by and working with Paul Wheeler BSC, Mark became a fully professional Director of Photography having previously worked on countless productions as either a camera operator or lighting technician. Since Mark was originally trained on celluloid and with a background in computer engineering, he found himself in a unique opportunity between 2007 to 2009 as a ‘HD Specialist’, working for clients including D-Cinema, Panavision, Arri, Warner Studios, and many others. The contractual work was to aid the crossover of traditional filmmaking from celluloid to digital cinematography via the testing, demonstrating and developing of new workflows with the newly emerging high-end digital film cameras.

Mark is currently a Red Epic-W 8K Owner/Operator and has a thorough understanding of virtually every aspect of their latest camera technology and IPP2 colour science due to working closely with Red. Also thanks to a professional background as a Colourist, he has been developing workflows for Red's new IPP2 colour science from shooting through to post with Blackmagic's Davinci Resolve grading suite and a variety of mainstream NLEs for the last couple of years. This means that Mark has a very intimate knowledge of shooting with Red cameras, particularly their latest models and colour workflows, from production through to finishing in its entirety.

Since 2010, Mark has single-mindedly focused on being a professional Director of Photography for feature films, short films, commercials, music videos and corporate videos, with work shown internationally and even selected by Festival de Cannes. He works very hard to always produce the best possible results within a given crew, budget and schedule.

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